Mobile phone project

Barclays mobile phones
Representatives of Barclays, Autism Jersey, Jersey Women’s Refuge and Jersken, and Assistant Health Minister Peter McLinton (Picture: Robbie Dark)

Our mobile phone initiative is providing skills and employment opportunities to adults with autism by refurbishing unwanted mobile phones for resale or recycling. Those involved in the project so far have found it has increased their confidence and motivated them to learn new skills.

The equipment for the initiative was purchased by funds from the Barclays Community Awards and Barclays have continued to give invaluable business support to the project.

Recycled mobile phones are available to buy from our Boutique in Bath Street.

Anita Kennedy, service team leader at Barclays in Jersey, says: ‘Barclays is very pleased to support Autism Jersey and their mobile phone recycling project. The project shares our goals of developing the skills young people need to fulfil their potential by offering meaningful employment which will help to enhance both work and life skills.’

Some phones have already benefited other charities – we have made donations to the Jersey Women’s Refuge and Jersken, the charity for Little Angels’ Home in Kenya.

If any charity or organisation can make use of the recycled phones, they are asked to email Caroline Moody. Phones that cannot be sold due to their age or condition will be sent for recycling in the UK.

You can find the collection bin for dropping off your phone here:

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