Design an advert for a bus

Primary school children are being invited to design charity adverts to go on buses.

In a competition run by LibertyBus, children will have the choice of three local charities giving them much-needed free advertising for a whole year. The charities involved are: Autism Jersey, Guide Dogs and Variety.

Entry leaflets are being delivered to schools this month and the deadline for entries is 8 September 2017 so children have all the summer holidays to work on their designs.

For more details, go to www.shooht.com/jersey/design-a-bus

Here is some help from us to guide young designers:

Autism is a different way of way of thinking and sensing the world around us. Some people, including those who have autism, can be very good at doing different things or knowing about different things that interest them. For some people with autism, being especially good at something has made them famous.

Having autism also means that some people might find it difficult to make friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want friends. It means that we have to be kind, patient and understanding.

People with autism see, hear and feel the world differently. They often find the world around them overwhelming. This means that taking part in everyday life at home and at school can be more challenging.

Autism Jersey is a charity which helps children with autism (we help adults too!).

Our website is www.autismjersey.org