First autistic accredited mediator on the way

A young man who struggled at school because of undiagnosed autism has become the first recipient of a sponsorship award that will give him the skills to help others with similar conditions resolve conflict in their lives.
In the three years since being diagnosed with ‘autism spectrum disorder without disability’ at the age of 18, Jonathan Channing has set up his own coding business.
And now he has the opportunity to become the first autistic accredited mediator in the Channel Islands after being selected as the initial recipient of a new sponsorship programme run by Jersey-based national and international mediation specialists the Resolution Centre.
Later this month Jonathan will start the Accredited Mediation Skills course designed to provide participants with the skills required to act as mediators
and help others resolve disputes from the front room to the boardroom.
To win the award Jonathan presented a challenging paper on how he could use what he learns on the course to try to bridge the gap between society and those affected by autism.
He wants to help create new types of communication and depths of understanding to improve the quality of life for people with autism and with those who share their lives.
He said: ‘I am really looking forward to learning this new set of skills. It is difficult to describe how frustrating it can be when there seems to be no common way of communicating effectively because people are coming to an issue from differing angles and are unable to see each other’s point of view.
‘I really want to thank the Resolution Centre, the private corporate sponsor and the Association of Jersey Charities for their support.’
The sponsorship will also include helping Jonathan develop his leadership skills, and buddy him with a coach and mentor through a new ‘Resolute Leaders’ programme being launched by the Resolution Centre.
The financial support for Jonathan is a first step in the Resolution Centre’s aim to equip as many Islanders as possible with the necessary knowledge to resolve conflict in any given circumstances.
As a result the Centre is keen to hear from other potential co-sponsors with particular interest in education and third sector leadership, challenges and difficulties.
Liz Le Poidevin, the chairman of the Association of Jersey Charities, confirmed Jonathan’s award at a short ceremony with Howard Le Cornu CEO The Resolution Centre at the Barclays Jersey Boat Show.