Autism friendly awards

In June, representatives of Island businesses including Ports of Jersey, dentists and banks, attended a meeting at the Town Hall to hear about the National Autistic Society’s autism-friendly awards.

Accreditation adviser with the NAS, David Slocombe, explained that there are two strands to this: The Accreditation Award and the Autism Friendly Award.

The Accreditation Award is for businesses that provide bespoke services such as education, care and support to people on the autistic spectrum, and includes education establishments, care homes, day centres, supported living and outreach, secure hospitals and criminal justice. A service is accredited for three years. The States of Jersey and Autism Jersey are local examples.

The Autism Friendly Award is for businesses that serve the general public which includes autistic people in their customer base. These can be public or private organisations such as States buildings, primary health care, retail outlets and leisure/entertainment venues.

Please click on this link to find out more or email Caroline at c.moody@autismjersey.org

By making some changes, you can make a real difference to people with autism.