Virtual reality experience is part of autism awareness month

In April Islanders can find out what it is like to experience sensory overload.

Using a VR headset provided by Virtual Reality Jersey, Autism Jersey is asking members of the public to stop by its stand in town and for 30 seconds experience what the world is like for someone living with autism. For example, the ticking of the clock on the wall gets louder, the pattern on the wallpaper starts moving, and flames from a fire appear to be out of control.

Autism Jersey Chief Operations Officer Paul Sullivan (pictured trying it out) said: ‘I was amazed when I gave it a go. It is quite a simple scenario but its message is powerful, because you get a simulation which touches on so many of the senses. It probably gets across more in 30 seconds than I can try to say in three hours!

‘People who have autism see, hear and feel the world differently. They often find the world around them overwhelming. By immersing yourself into a virtual perspective of what it’s like to be sensitive to things going on around you, you will get a glimpse into what it can be like to have autism.’

Tim McGuinness, Founder of Virtual Reality Jersey, said:  ‘We are grateful for this fantastic opportunity to not only support an amazing cause in Autism Jersey but at the same time showcase how powerful Virtual Reality can be when used as a tool for communication. With the technology available today anyone can put on a VR headset and within 30 seconds have a much better understanding of what living with autism is really like.’

Autism Jersey will be outside Jack Wills in St Helier, from 11 am to 3 pm on Friday 13 April.