Awesome Friends

Going for a coffee in town with a friend is the kind of thing we take for granted.

But Alex finds it really difficult – having to catch a bus to get there, getting there at the right time, being around strangers, flinching from the clatter from the machines, having to keep a conversation going, and maintaining eye contact.

Alex has autism.

We support people like Alex, helping them with daily challenges and life skills, like catching the bus and having a coffee.

We need your support to pay for vital services which help people with autism with their daily lives.

For just £10 a month, you could be an Awesome Friend and help us fund our essential work.

£10 per month is less than the price of a cappuccino each week*

To be an Awesome Friend of Autism Jersey, you need to donate a minimum of £10 a month by direct debit. In return, you will get free access to our lending library, an Autism Jersey badge, and some Autism Jersey merchandise.

To sign up, please complete this form and there is a Direct Debit form here.

Thank you

*The price of a medium cappuccino in Costa, Bath Street, on 3 January 2017 was £2.65.

What your donation means

£10 a month could help someone take that first step away from isolation by attending one of our Adult Social Groups, where they can learn social skills and make friends.