Supported Living

Most of us take getting up in the morning for granted. For some individuals with autism, however, everything needs to be broken down into pieces that the client understands

Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott (Picture: Steve Wellum)

Autism Jersey works with a number of adults who have autism who have their own dedicated staff team providing support for up to 24 hours a day in their own homes.

The support provided by the Supported and Assisted Living team covers everything from basic care to going out and about, and taking them to the doctor or the dentist. We work on life skills, such as using public transport, cooking and managing money.

We work closely with other professional agencies to ensure that the best support is provided at an individual level. And we encourage family support, liaising closely with families, seeking their advice on everyday issues.

We want our clients to reach their potential and lead as full a life as they can. We actively promote independence with our clients and celebrate in their success.

Read Cameron’s story here.

Why us?

Autism Jersey has well-developed expertise in its field and has achieved Preferred Provider status in the provision of autism-related services to the Department of Health and Social Services. In 2014 our services were accredited by the National Autistic Society’s Autism Accreditation Programme. The organisation was successful in keeping its accredited status after a review in 2017.

Autism Jersey staff have specialist training in autism as well as expertise in managing behaviours that challenge. They are also trained in first aid, manual handling and safeguarding.

We are fully insured.